Possi Furniture Photos

Modern Polish Furniture
Furniture POSSI BRW is a modern collection the look that you create yourself! Its name is an abbreviation for billion possibilities. The limitless possibilities of creation, choice and creativity make this collection unique. Body is available in 3 colours: oak san remo light, tungsten grey and white. Facades are available in 31 colours! You can choose a color for each front. Thanks to it each piece of furniture has its own unique character. For the selection of the chest of drawers POSSI BRW, you can use a constructor. Geometric forms, fronts without handles with subtly curved sides perfect for lovers of simplicity and minimalism. Branded guides and hinges with a soft closing ensure noiseless use of furniture every day. The revolutionary collection POSSI BRW offers unlimited options and the freedom to arrange a personalized interior kids room, living room and hallway.